Our experience and know-how built up over the years have enabled us to extend our services over a range of activities.
Being a Global IT advisor means providing consulting services 360° promptly meeting the client’s needs, with tangible results and measurable performance.
Our main activities include: Master Data Management, Geo Marketing and
Data Analysis Systems, developed with the most advanced technology available on the market.






Our approach considers the Client not only from the “operational” point of view but also in a commercial perspective, implementing any actions involving analysis, contact, sales and loyalty programmes.
Master Data Management is an all-round system for managing client data, guaranteeing optimum data management, synchronization and automation. Our approach to MDM focuses on the accuracy and bundling of information that is customized and supplied to the Client, to use a flexible multi-dominion data model, suitable for the company’s precise needs.
The integration and quality of data increase agility and meet both present and future business needs. Commander, the MDM solution, embodies this approach, providing a new experience in Master Data management.


Knowledge and the ability to interact locally are vital to the success of a marketing strategy. Knowing the market enables the client to fine-tune marketing activities, improve competitiveness and reduce costs, with improved performance and sales.
The analysis of company data by geographical mapping and association of the data with socio-economic parameters, improve assessment criteria and decision-making for better marketing plans and product and service penetration.
Understanding the importance of Geomarketing, Do different has built a reputation on the rapid extrapolation of geo-referenced data, to meet the increasingly rapidly changing and often unexpected needs of the client.


Our software enables clients to take strategic decisions based on accurate up-to-date and significant information in the given context.
The data generated by the various systems (for example accounting, production, CRM, and so on), can be stored in data warehouses, to retain the quality of the data.
The people involved in this process are provided with software applications, to gather, store, analyse and distribute the resulting information.
The technologies made available to users simplify data management, especially where the sheer quantity of the information handled and requiring normalization is enormous.


We stand alongside Clients in company management, becoming a reference point and support for administration and business development.
We follow and support the organization in processes for planning, implementation and the
control of information flows, improving their efficiency and effectiveness.
Information Technology is the key element and the facilitator is the linkage
between the various components of the integrated system,
reaching the desired level at the lowest possible cost.
Years of experience in Information Technology have placed the most modern and advanced technology at the disposal of a highly qualified team.
In addition to technology in conventional areas (MainFrame, AS400, etc.),
we also have in-depth knowledge of Enterprise development, including:

  • Java Enterprise Edition, EJB
  • Understanding of major web development frameworks (Spring, JSF, Struts 2, etc.)
  • Systems for the integration and transformation of business intelligence data (Pentaho, Eclipse Birt, etc.)
  • Relationship Data Bases (DBMS, Oracle, MS SqlServer, etc.) and No SQL Data Bases (Mongo DB, Big Data Environment, etc.)
  • Mapping systems (Geoserver, Degree)
  • Spatial extensions of the leading DBs.