Information on cookies

Information on cookies


Information on cookies

Cookies are used on our website to provide users with the best possible service and experience. This page describes the type of cookies we use, their purpose and how you can modify your preferences.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files of data memorized from the browser on the PC hard disc. Every time a user returns to our website, the browser sends us these cookies so we can customize the browsing experience according to your interests and preferences, simplifying access to our services.

Which cookies do we use?

The cookies used allow us to recognize users who return to our website through their data, so they do not need to input the same data over and over again. They also enable us to analyse the traffic coming into the website so we can improve it. Here are some examples:

Technical cookies

Technical cookies may be used to help users access the services provided online. Without these cookies, the services could not be provided. For example, they might be used to:

  • manage and recall items/pages already seen,
  • record the actions of the user (such as filling in a form) when returning to a previous page.
Analytic cookies

We use Google analytic cookies, i.e. third party cookies (not controlled by us). They are used to monitor and obtain information about the use of our website and to flag up any errors. They also provide detailed technical information such as the last page visited, the number of pages consulted, the part so gf the site that are clicked on by users and the time between clicks.

Third party cookies

When a user visits our website, some cookies not controlled by us may be memorized. This happens, for example, if the user visits a page with data about a third party website. Consequently, the user receives cookies from these third parties. Cookies do not contain personal information, unless the user has accessed the account. For example, third party cookies may originate from:

  • Link external sites
  • Google maps
  • Google analytics

Our website does not control the memorization of or access to these cookies. For further information on the use of cookies by third parties, see the information on Privacy and on the cookies in question.

How to modify cookie settings

Most browsers allow you to delete cookies from the hard disc, to block acceptance of cookies or receive a warning before a cookie is memorized.

What happens if you deactivate cookies?

However, if the user blocks or deletes a cookie, this may delete the preferences and settings previously set up by the user and hence reduce our ability to customize the experience.

How to modify the settings for: